Thursday, May 26, 2016

sid shuffle fundraiser

Have you ever had one of those moments with your kids where you think "they might just turn out alright!" That happened to me in Sept. of '16, and I will document this as one of the proudest moments of my life thus far.

Henson was teaching our neighbor friends the Sid Shuffle dance he learned at school one afternoon, and somewhere in there decided he wanted to teach the dance to other people to raise money for Heartbeat for Hope
He made a plan, set the location, made some signs, organized his "committee" (the neighbor friends)& spread the word. He had a great turnout at Hafer park.

Our awesome neighbors brought their snow cone machine & sold them for $1.

Our fabulous neighbors
Fabulous Ms. Karla who came to support him

Fabulous Mrs. Cowan-Draper, his principal

He rocked the portable mic & speaker combo.
This was what I see as his passion in action. 
Grateful for all who came out to support him and the cause.
I love this kid!

Monday, April 18, 2016

10 years and all I got was this video

A.K.A. The most fabulous anniversary present I would have ever wanted. I much prefer homemade gifts to bought ones any day. The hubs knows that and busted out an original song AND movie for me. He sold me on another 10+ years!

Monday, April 11, 2016

5? Excuse me!?!

I almost cannot even write this. I just can't believe Simon is already 5!!
I'm in some hardcore denial over here. 
This kid has given me joy and his more-than-fair share of challenges in the pasts five years. 
He is my proof that there is plenty of room in your heart for each child, but in a completely different way. (how can kids be so different from the same genetic line??)
 He is full of sweetness, and balances that out with ornery. He still loves puppies, loves to draw, loves junk food, loves music, loves a good joke, and loves books. 


 I love you Simon Charles! 

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Happy 7th!!

How can he be 7?!? 
I adore this kid so much. I don't know if I could ever fully explain how he has challenged me - for the much greater good of myself (and otherwise....) - and I would never change a thing.

Happy #7, Henson! I love you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First Day of School '15-'16 edition

Clyde Howell is the most fabulous public Pre-K ever (well, in my opinion). One of the fantastic things about this school is they still do home visits a couple weeks before school starts to meet each student and familiarize the kids with their teacher so that they feel more comfortable starting something new.  Two other amazing things about CH are these jewel teachers, Mrs. Potter & Mrs. Perrey (also who Henson had in Pre-K). We love them!!

Each new school year also means the beginning of my annual home project to deflect the emotions of the kids getting bigger.... Simon starting public school means a large project: laundry room makeover.

Clegern Info Day - 1st grade w/ Mrs. Holloway

Clyde Howell Info Day - Simon was a little shy at first, but Henson helped show him around his classroom and chatted with Mrs. Potter some, and then Simon warmed right up and did great.

It begins. First day '15-'16.

I was pretty nervous about how Simon would do emotionally being dropped off at school on the first day (and each day after, once it kicked in it was every day...) but completely proved his confidence. He took off on his own toward the door to be greeted by Mrs. Potter and immediately joined his class in the hall pretty much forgetting I was there.

Lined up in the hall waiting for the bell.
Finding his cubby.
A tradition at CH is reading The Kissing Hand to the kids while their parents are still there. It's pretty sweet, but torturous for the parents! After the book each students receives a heart sticker for their hand and one to give to their parent to say "see you later".
Simon giving me my sticker and hug. Not a kiss. A hug. I was actually very surprised that his reaction to this was more impatience for me to leave than clingy. I was relieved, though. (Oh, who am I kidding, I was a ball of messy mush, but held that in until I got in the car.)
Henson waiting for the bell with best bud, Garrett.

We also love Clegern!

 We made it through the first day, and onward! (READ: I made it through.)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

July happenings

H's first time at OC's Cage Camp, which he loved

Cage Camp Cousins

I FINALLY put something up on my kitchen wall - HOW-TO HERE

Added this gorgeous member of the family to the living room

Missions Sunday at our church - we all wore something from Ghana

First OKC Dodgers game