Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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If you haven't checked out Splendry.com you need to do so. Right now. 
And while you are there, check out a couple articles that I like particularly. 
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celebrating 1-Year Post-Judgement!

Today marks a full year of beginning a journey I really just jumped in to and didn't have a clue what all it would bring me. I mean, I knew what I had been told it would bring, but I really didn't know, know. You know?

Last year at this time the hubs and I were in the middle of Arbonne's 30-days to Healthy Living and Beyond challenge.  Half way through it I signed up as a consultant just to get a bigger discount so I could keep using the products. I was NOT going to to the business.
I was excited about the program, so I began sharing it with others just because we had such a great and transforming experience. 
After qualifying for the first level of management in 2 weeks just by referring people to a healthy lifestyle program I thought, "There really has to be more to it than this."

I kinda surprised myself by asking more about the business end of Arbonne and heard all the wonderful things that were possible. I never had thought of myself in network marketing. I had known about Arbonne for such a long time, had friends go in and out of it. BUT, I had no idea the depth of opportunity. AND I personally knew people that had risen to the top level of management. 

When I heard the simplicity of it, but the reward, recognition, and life changing possibilities I felt very judgmental. Judgmental because of what I had been thinking about "those" people who do network marketing. That was neat for them, I guess. They must not have many goals, or things to do otherwise, so they went with this. 
My apologies for being such a jerk. I should never think this way about anyone, for anything, anyway. But, now I'm really eating my words as I'm here now after 1-year with my Arbonne business, an Executive District Manager, and I've totally turned around.

At the full knowledge that I will sound completely sappy (and don't care) I will say that this past year I have learned way more about myself and others because of Arbonne than I would have without it. For sure.
I have learned it is foundation-ally about helping people:
*with time and money freedom
*with products that help them and their families be healthy inside and out with products they were already using in their home, but now can have a safe and beneficial alternative.

I have learned/am learning how to step out of my comfort zone to grow myself. 
I have made new relationships with some wonderful women. Godly women. Strong, funny, encouraging women. I'm grateful for them. 
I have learned that all types of people can make this work for them in their own lifestyle.
I have learned some humility (for sure).
I have learned to find my strengths in areas I didn't realize I had them.
I have learned how to think more about others, and what they need.
I have learned to listen more - to others and myself.
I have learned that this opportunity does NOT mean I have given up. It means I am giving a chance to myself and to others.

I was ready to move out of my previous business to have more time with the fam on weekends and on my schedule. 
I wanted to continue to have the flexibility to be home with the kids, go to school activities/parties, stay home if they were sick, etc.
I did not want to give up my volunteer passion of my non-profit work.
BUT, I could not do all of that without some income coming in. 
Arbonne came at the exact right time. Without me knowing it was for me. It fits the qualifications perfectly.
I can work from home, or wherever I might be.
I get to help others find this great business so that it can help them too.
I get to help others be healthy inside & out.
I get to continue my non-profit work AND contribute more financially to it through my Arbonne proceeds. 
Win, win, win, win!

Whew. Wow.

Looking forward to what this year will bring!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


My sister-in-law, Jamie, created this new fun site! I'll be contributing here and there, as well as some other awesome ladies.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Life is crazy. Crazy busy. It is for everyone. I just really don't know how we already got to November! Since the blog took an apparent hiatus, I'm going to just post pics to do my own catch up. 
Since school began:

With Grandma Lashley after our Lashley Reunion in Ft. Gibson

I had a birthday - some great gifts from these two

Had a booth for Heartbeat at ACU's Summit & OC's Quest (first time for both; documenting - *check*)

First school event for Henson - Walk-a-thon w/ Lucas as the MC

Soccer is the newest obsession for H.

Henson had his first soccer experience over Fall Break. After begging for a month to play I signed him up for a two-day soccer camp to see if he really did like it. He was pumped, and I had to drag him out each day after a 3-hour session. There is a good possibility of more soccer in our future.    

This kid just keeps getting sweeter and funnier. Throwing this pic in just because I can.

Henson's Kindergarten picture. He looks WAY too old for my preference. I have definitely had a harder time with him being in Kindergarten than I anticipated. I might have to start therapy when it's time for Simon.

Typical fall activities - pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting, etc.

Beginning of Halloween week/never-ending candy week/longest holiday ever week - church trunk-or-treat w/ the cousins
Simon continues his obsession with puppies and chose this as his costume this year. This was our first 'homemade' costume to be able to match his favorite stuffed dog, Uppy the Puppy.
Even though S is blurry, I just love this shot from Tealridge trick-or-treat. He had a 'grab and run' method going on.

3 of my very closest friends on a day-trip to see Lailah who was visiting from San Fran. I miss her.
OC's dorm trick-or-treat

Helped at Henson's fall festival
Our trick-or-treating group on actual Halloween. (I like the photo bombers at the door waiting for candy)

Aaaannnnd the fam: Wayne, Garth, Uppy & LeBron. 

Happy fall!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

House Front makeover Part 1

So, we have been at this house for two years now, and I guess it's actually time to do something with the yard/paint/amazing amount of bushes that came with it.
It is still a work-in-progress, thus the 'Part 1' label.
First view of the house at our showing - pre-purchase


Not too exciting, but first order of business was taking down the trellice on the left side and the plants along the right wall. Right side was replaced with bushes. I took out the green plastic barrier and added black mulch.
Next: New windows and painting the wood a neutral color

Not the outside, but can be seen from the outside, and completes the porch, so here's the front door. Before/After

Before/After of the porch light

This pic shows the new window in the middle room and removal of more bushes. Landscaping to be determined here.

View of the front flower bed/porch. I took out the bushes along the porch and on the front side by the garage. I replaced that flower bed trim with the three large pots and filler. Potato vine is now filling in the rest of the large bed with some ivy that will NOT die.

I painted the wood on the porch wall the neutral (and over the garage, which you can't see here). Updated the porch light and the front door.

We still need to replace the windows on the porch, but it's SO much better already!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First days of school 2014

 HENSON MARR (5yrs.): First Day of Kindergarten

Henson has loved Kindergarten so far. He made it 1 1/2 weeks of all-day school for the first time in his life before he had a meltdown. I consider that a GREAT success.  
Plus, there have been minimal questions about how long (years) he has to go to school. So far, so good.

 SIMON CHARLES (3yrs.): First day of MRCC Sonshine School 2014
He was a bit surprising to me today on how well he went to class. He remembered Henson being in the Busy Bee class two years ago, and has talked about being a Busy Bee for two weeks now. This is the first year you don't take naps, so maybe that's it?
Whatever the reason, he went in without even saying 'bye', which was super exciting for ME because usually I am prying him off of my leg. 
He had a great first day, and hopefully it lasts!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014