Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April always cranks things up to 11 (highlights)

Henson turned 6 on the 6th

Celebrated 9 years together on the 8th

Simon turned 4 on the 11th
(Party pics to follow)

Ran over to Las Vegas for the Arbonne National conference 15th-18th with my awesome team (including this lovely lady).

Organized Walk for Hope event with this amazing team of people which took place the 19th.

Mother/Son cowboy BBQ at church with this guy on the 21st

We are totally boring the rest of the year, but April we crank out the fun.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Baby Dedication 2013, 2014 & 2015

Now this is behind. I never posted pics from the last 2 years, so I'm sticking these together.

MRCC Baby Dedication 2013

 I was out of the country for this dedication, so I never got a pick of the set up on the day-of. Therefore, pic in the office:

MRCC Baby Dedication 2014 
Yellow & Gray
Closer view of the floral arrangements. This was an on-the-spot creation that I ended up really liking. Silver gravel at the bottom, fabric for filler and ribbon wrapping the neck.

MRCC Baby Dedication 2015

I always enjoy decorating for the baby dedication because I get the chance to use a new style each year. They pretty much let me do whatever I want and they give me a budget. Perfect scenario. 

Previous years:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The New Brother - NOW WITH VIDEO

 It is popularly known that Simon has a very real obsession with puppies. That is not an overblown perception. He has talked about puppies every single day since he could speak. He pretends he is a puppy. He talks about when he will 'grow up and be a puppy'. He sleeps with 20 stuffed animal puppies, and carries one with him at all times. He was a puppy for Halloween. He wants a puppy birthday party. All. Things. Puppy.
He may be in therapy when he is 18 if he realizes he is not yet a puppy.

But for this year, he asked Santa for a real puppy. (He has finally caught on to what Santa is actually good for.)

So, he wrote Santa a letter:

 "Santa, I want a puppy. Love, Simon"

 And Santa delivered.

He even delivered one that looks a LOT like Simon's favorite toy puppy.

 Meet Sprocket.

 And here is the special surprise delivery:

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As terrible as I have been about updating the past year, I really wanted to document this one. 

I am SUPER proud of H for receiving the Loyalty Character Award at his school last week! 

I was at the assembly because I was helping with his Valentine's Party - not knowing he would receive this. As the principal was introducing the award and reminding the kids what 'loyal' means, I was thinking 'I could see Henson getting that award someday'. 
Yes. I know. I'm his mother and of course I would say that. But, even though I didn't know they would be calling his name, I was really not that surprised. This kid has been loyal to others from the beginning. He genetically comes by that from his dad, in my opinion. 
So, yes. I'm his mom, and I have my right to brag on my kid. I am so proud of him, and it makes a mom feel good to know that her sweet boy is showing that to others when I'm not around to see it.

Bringing things back to 5-year old reality:  
Henson's reaction to getting the award, 
"I didn't know I was THAT nice to people." 
Welp. There ya go. Wah wah.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Contributor to Splendry

If you haven't checked out Splendry.com you need to do so. Right now. 
And while you are there, check out a couple articles that I like particularly. 
(They are mine. I think that was obvious.)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celebrating 1-Year Post-Judgement!

Today marks a full year of beginning a journey I really just jumped in to and didn't have a clue what all it would bring me. I mean, I knew what I had been told it would bring, but I really didn't know, know. You know?

Last year at this time the hubs and I were in the middle of Arbonne's 30-days to Healthy Living and Beyond challenge.  Half way through it I signed up as a consultant just to get a bigger discount so I could keep using the products. I was NOT going to to the business.
I was excited about the program, so I began sharing it with others just because we had such a great and transforming experience. 
After qualifying for the first level of management in 2 weeks just by referring people to a healthy lifestyle program I thought, "There really has to be more to it than this."

I kinda surprised myself by asking more about the business end of Arbonne and heard all the wonderful things that were possible. I never had thought of myself in network marketing. I had known about Arbonne for such a long time, had friends go in and out of it. BUT, I had no idea the depth of opportunity. AND I personally knew people that had risen to the top level of management. 

When I heard the simplicity of it, but the reward, recognition, and life changing possibilities I felt very judgmental. Judgmental because of what I had been thinking about "those" people who do network marketing. That was neat for them, I guess. They must not have many goals, or things to do otherwise, so they went with this. 
My apologies for being such a jerk. I should never think this way about anyone, for anything, anyway. But, now I'm really eating my words as I'm here now after 1-year with my Arbonne business, an Executive District Manager, and I've totally turned around.

At the full knowledge that I will sound completely sappy (and don't care) I will say that this past year I have learned way more about myself and others because of Arbonne than I would have without it. For sure.
I have learned it is foundation-ally about helping people:
*with time and money freedom
*with products that help them and their families be healthy inside and out with products they were already using in their home, but now can have a safe and beneficial alternative.

I have learned/am learning how to step out of my comfort zone to grow myself. 
I have made new relationships with some wonderful women. Godly women. Strong, funny, encouraging women. I'm grateful for them. 
I have learned that all types of people can make this work for them in their own lifestyle.
I have learned some humility (for sure).
I have learned to find my strengths in areas I didn't realize I had them.
I have learned how to think more about others, and what they need.
I have learned to listen more - to others and myself.
I have learned that this opportunity does NOT mean I have given up. It means I am giving a chance to myself and to others.

I was ready to move out of my previous business to have more time with the fam on weekends and on my schedule. 
I wanted to continue to have the flexibility to be home with the kids, go to school activities/parties, stay home if they were sick, etc.
I did not want to give up my volunteer passion of my non-profit work.
BUT, I could not do all of that without some income coming in. 
Arbonne came at the exact right time. Without me knowing it was for me. It fits the qualifications perfectly.
I can work from home, or wherever I might be.
I get to help others find this great business so that it can help them too.
I get to help others be healthy inside & out.
I get to continue my non-profit work AND contribute more financially to it through my Arbonne proceeds. 
Win, win, win, win!

Whew. Wow.

Looking forward to what this year will bring!