Friday, August 11, 2006


Last weekend Lucas and I saw the musical Godspell at the Civic Center. I knew next to nothing about this musical besides that it was an account of the book of Matthew and it was very contraversial. However, knowing those things I went in with an open mind and it was a good thing I did. It was very obvious from the very beginning why some more "conservative" people would not appreciate this variation of the gospel. Don't misunderstand me to say that I am a liberal, but sometimes I can see the bigger picture, you know?
Unfortunately, this portrayal of Godspell did not get good reviews by the Oklahoma papers because "the actors humor was lost in their improvisation", and some other choice things to pick at. I don't disagree with everything they said, but overall, it was moving and intriguing. It was set to more modern language mixed with scripture with no alteration to truth and comparison.
I am not going to advertise for everyone to go see this because it is not for everyone, but if you have an open mind, and enjoy musicals and entertainment you might enjoy Godspell.

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