Thursday, October 05, 2006

So, last night LOST was glorified to a whole new deminsion of greatness. The entire season premiere was definitely not lacking in anticipation and mystery that makes this show so wonderful. But, let me just say that the first five minutes of the show was the best thing my eyes have ever witnessed on a television show in history (not a complete exageration). Within the first minute I was out of my seat and jumping, pacing and yelling with excitement and disbelief.

Now, here are my questions:
1. How in the world did the "Others" develop such an advanced living situation on this island?
2. How did the "Others" get to the island, and why are they still there when we are starting to
see them in flashbacks!!!??
*Zeke (pirate Other) was in the hospital scene with Jack.
3. Why is Henry Gale's real name Ben? I just think I like Henry better.
4. Who thinks the sexual tension between Sawyer and Kate will be even greater now that they
are locking animal cages across from each other in an unknown place with crazy people as their
5. Who is Juliette, really, and why is she so great?
6. Did anyone else notice this? I actually didn't, but I saw it on another blog:
*The Nurse talking to Jack mid-way through was the same Nurse who told Locke that the
man he gave his kidney to already checked out.

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