Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Village of Hope

This semester the Journey Land students at MRCC have "adopted" five children of The Village of Hope to support for an entire year. After beginning to raise money only 1 1/2 weeks ago two of the grades have already made their goal! It has truly been inspiring and heart-wrenching to witness the generosity and enthusiasm that these kids have to help these children. The are continuously coming up with even more ways that they could help, and want to do everything they can.

Four of the girls had a bake sale and raised over $400 in one afternoon! Since that was such a success many of the other kids have expressed excitement to do the same. So, this Saturday at our church Fun Night the Journey Land kids are going to provide baked goods to anyone in attendance and take donations. All of the donated earnings will be used to help fix the broken water well in the Village of Hope. Otherwise their water will look like the second picture below.

I love these kids! The are awesome! If you would like to contribute in any way to the Village of Hope click on the link above.