Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Babies

Well, I was beginning to feel a bit left out not posting about my baby. And, since I don't have my own baby (and am quite okay with that at the moment) I thought I would post about the babies I call "mine".


I proudly take credit for this look. Don't tell her
parents, though.


Okay, how could you not love this face? My favorite thing about him right now is his lunging at my face with this smile. Heart it.


I keep Aidan on Thursdays. She is so fun, and she always wins our squeal contests. She's my little Gerber baby.

Well, I feel better that I got a chance to brag on my babies.


Summer Lashley said...

Well, to be honest they look more like your babies than they do mine! And at the moment they both seem to like you better....

Dara said...

Is Mia wearing a pig snout? Ben has noticed that Aidan is more squealy on Thursdays after you leave.