Friday, February 01, 2008

Mia Day - Post 1

Well, tonight was Mia's and my first official sleepover at my house. She is now passed out in "her" room (designated by her the night we moved in - just fine with us) after a fun-filled day/evening. I'll post pics later, but had to share some favorite quotes of the evening:

1. (as walking in the door) "I'm spending the night! You have such a beautiful home!" (as she is spinning in a circle, arms out - picture the movie 'Annie', which she has been watching religiously lately)

2. Me: "Do you remember where your room is?"
Mia: "Of course."
(Walks straight back, eyes get huge, runs to the bed)
Mia: "Oh, oh, I am so surprised. I love my room! Look how big the bed is! I have a window! I have a lamp! Oh, it's perfect!"

3. "Um, I don't think so Lucas."

4. (talking to the Barbies) "Do you have the love of Jesus in your heart?" "No, I am mean." "God is telling you no. Do not be mean." (proceeds to sing "God wants you to be nice.")

5. "Aubrie, look at us! We are twins in our pajamas and socks! Oh, just wait to show everyone. They will love us!"

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