Sunday, April 13, 2008

AKA: Free Birth Control

We kept Bode last Sunday - Wednesday while Andy and Summer were gone (see why here). That was our anniversary present from them. It actually was so much fun. He did great, and so did Lucas. He actually changed a diaper without me even asking!


Bellgardt Life said...

Nice pillows in the background!!!

Well, now that you have parenting down you'll have to start having children.=)

Summer Lashley said...

No, don't have children! Just keep taking care of mine!

Gena said...

Surely you're not talking about the Bodester being free birth control. You and Lucas are THE BEST AUNT AND UNCLE EVER. Can you please pass this message along to my brother and his fiancee?

Aubrie said...

Amy - Thanks! I think so, too (about the pillows, of course!)

Summer - that sounds good to me.

Gena - I know (haha).