Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had a wedding every weekend in June, which was great. Each one was very unique to the couple, and to me as the coordinator.
Here are some "firsts" I experienced:

1. A fully "planning only" service (their church had a "day-of" coordinator already) - I planned pre-wedding, and decorated for the wedding.
a. Sang live for a wedding that I was hired to plan.

2. Coordinated a wedding that I was also a bridesmaid in (for my sis-in-law). So exhausting, but SO fun.

3. Velcro has many, many more uses than I ever imagined.

4. Having to pull a car up for sound for an outdoor ceremony because the sound system wouldn't work at the last minute (it was behind trees, at least).

5. AND...Having a four-tier cake fall at an outdoor reception during the father-daugher dance, that was taking place right beside the cake table. Then trying to salvage good icing to put it back together for pictures while using one finger for each tier to hold up the cake so that it would not fall again. I had to hold the cake between each picture, while crouched down below the table so that I wouldn't be in their pictures. So fun.

I love my job.

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marge said...

hhahahaa i know what wedding events 4 and 5 took place at and your amazing :)