Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As Close to Greece As We're Going To Get

Anna offered to come cook for us this weekend, so I had to oblige her. She and Chris came over for an evening of fabulous Greek food, Wii and overdue hang out time.SO delicious!
I could definitely get used to a personal chef. Anna...??


Tristan and Leslie Block said...

Hey Aubrie,
Looks like you guys had fun. Also, congrats on your pregnancy! Tristan and I are excited for you guys! Hope everything is going smoothly.

rebeckaoneal said...

so i hope that the high chair in the photo belongs to bode!!! but you will be needing one soon i guess

Amy - Mom Spark said...

Mmmm, I love Greek food. I had grape leaves in NH and it was sooo yummy. Looks like fun.