Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Today is the birthday of my favorite little girl in the world - my niece, Mia. I can't believe she's 4! (Look here to see how her day has been.)

I love, love, LOVE being an aunt to this precious, hilarious show-stopper. Knowing how much I love her makes it hard to imagine how much I will love my own child, but I can't wait for Mia to have a little cousin. (I blame the hormones for the sappiness.)

I also can't wait for Summer to finally be an Aunt! She is going to realize the joys of spoiling, playing with, and then getting to send home a kid.

Happy Birthday, Mia!


Summer said...

So sweet! She is a show stopper. And I can't wait to be an aunt!

kj said...

I love the one of her kissing you on your wedding day!