Friday, November 07, 2008

He's really in there!

Not that I doubted it...really...but after our ultrasound on Monday it became much more real. Henson was moving around and opening his mouth a lot. It was so wonderful and relieving to see that! Our tech was so nice to accommodate all of our family (My parents, Lucas' parents, Summer and Jamie).

After requests from Lailah and my cousins here I am at 18 weeks:
Anna and Chris are staying with us for a couple weeks until they can move in to their apartment (Anna and I roomed together for 5 years in college and 1 year after - we are determined to continue to find a way.) Monday night they brought home sparkling grape juice and these cups that Anna decorated for us to celebrate Henson.


marge said...

your soo pretty aubrie
love the glasses

Amy {Mom Spark} said...

I love the baby bump! Flaunt it, girlfriend!