Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Review


Dinner with college friends, Beth, Katy, Anna, and April (she had already left). Keep April McGee and their team in your prayers as they leave for Brazil tomorrow.


We took dinner to our good friends, Jay, Olivia and Benjamin Evans.

Then we went to the Wishing Well art show fundraiser at OC.


We spent the day at OC's homecoming events:

- Lunch in Lawson Commons

- Women's/Men's basketball games

- Homecoming musical: Guys and Dolls

Mia was in the homecoming court this year. Now she can live a happy life. She had her entourage in tow, as well, and we were happy to do it.

and my dad and EQ sang the national anthem


Lucas and I both had the stomach bug that has been going around.

Overall, a fun and eventful weekend!

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Summer said...

so sorry about that stomach thing. I think we are finally over it. BTW, Bode just bit through his lip and we have been at the doc....looking forward to a boy?