Monday, December 01, 2008

Birthday Dreams

Well, I think Lucas had a very happy birthday last Tuesday.

We started things off with a good exam at my doctor's office. Then had a hot-and-ready pizza from LC (gotta love the convenience, at least).
Picked up the kids after school and surprised him at work with some Sonic. I think they are prime replacements for Kevin Ogle and Linda Cavenaugh:
Then dinner with family and a jam session. Lucas is now officially the proudest uncle ever.

And finally, our friends threw him a party. I don't think he knew who all was there because he was too excited about his cake.

Happy 28th Birthday, Lucas!


Summer said...


I need that third pic of them smiling together for her room!

Amy {Mom Spark} said...

I was sad I missed the party, but glad you sent me a piece of Kermit. He was yummy.