Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Can't Fight This Feelin' Anymore

A couple days after Christmas Lucas and I headed to Dallas for a "babymoon" based not on our love for each other and quality time before the baby, but around going here: This is where everything for the baby's room is coming from. This was, however, my first trip to an actual IKEA store. I have shopped online and sent orders with others going before, but I felt like I was going to Disney Land. It was glorious!

So glorious that I went back again this past weekend with my mom. I got a bunch more stuff to complete the room. I am wishing, and crossing my fingers very hard that we get one here, but then I would be broke. So, I'll just have to drive to Dallas every couple weeks, I guess.

Oh, back to the "babymoon" real quick. We did have a great time relaxing, shopping, watching movies and eating at fun places. It was much needed, especially since I hadn't seen Lucas for literally about a month before Christmas while he worked on his Two Movie Guys special. It turned out great, though!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parenting Tips

Lucas got this in an email from a coworker. I am SO glad we know these things now!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year' week late

I'm getting better - only one week behind now.
Last week was very fun, but very tiring. My friend, Lailah, and her husband, Ryan, stayed with us from last Tuesday to this Monday. They live in San Fransisco, and we rarely see each other anymore, so it was so fun having them here. However, I wore myself out, and now have a cold to show for it. Oh well. It was worth it.

New Year's Eve...with 37 people...:

Just after midnight - look more than a little tired...

Playing Nertz

It was a great party - lots of people, lots of games, lots of food (very important). We got to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in a long time. I am truely amazed at myself that I was able to stay up until 2am, though. This is probably the last year for that for a while...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas - almost two weeks later...

This holiday seemed SO much busier than usual, but it was SO fun.
Christmas Day started in Minco with the Ross fam:

Marcus got this mask....

Brent got a grill...

And...I got Lucas this phone from the 70's that he wanted for his desk.

very fun.

We had lunch with his grandma, then headed to Edmond. My dad called a little before two wondering where we were, even though I told my mom we would be there at 3pm. He said he didn't want to lose the daylight to give the kids this:

And we got my dad this:

We all got great stuff - oh and being with family was good too.

Merry (late) Christmas!