Monday, February 16, 2009

Our ACTUAL Valentine's

It wasn't so much like the previous video, as disappointed as that may be.

We actually had our first baby class on Saturday from 9-11:30 : Caring For Baby. I feel very well informed.
Then we ate lunch at Louie's on Hefner Lake - nice.

Then we spent a couple hours at Channel 4 (don't be so jealous) so Lucas could finish up that hot video below and some others while I talked on the phone and played online.

Then we went to Chris and Anna's to hang out and we watch Dark Knight (so romantic!).

Around 8:45pm we stopped at Panera to get some food to go and ended up getting more food than we ordered cause they were about to close and had to get rid of some stuff. Woo hoo!

We got home and watched and SNL rerun while eating our Panera. Exchanged cards and Lucas got me a massage gift certificate (he knows me so well).

We watched a little bit of the new SNL then went to bed. As un-exciting as that seems it was actually a really nice day together. It seems like forever since we have spent an entire day together like that.
I love my hub!


OK Chick said...

Sounds like a nice day together.

Gena said...

That's a good picture of you guys. I'm glad you got to spend the day together. Valentine's Days are going to be so different from here on out.......;) They'll be better.

babyblueeyed girl said...

aub that sounds like a wonderful day and sometimes those better than any gift