Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vegas Back Track

Belated Vegas pics from two weeks ago. I love these girls!

Our hotel

View from our 30th floor hotel room

This one makes me laugh

Coke from around the world taste test

Fabulous sushi place in Hard Rock Hotel (don't worry, I ate cooked food) Bellagio

We had an amazing spa afternoon at our hotel: New York New York
The Venician

Eating at Wolfgang Puck's restaraunt - SO good.

So...our whole time we were in Vegas we may have told everyone we saw that I was getting married the week after our trip...and..our waitress at Wolfgang's may have offered me a free dessert as a congrats...I may have turned it down once, then when asked again, accepted it.....

We went to see Cirque de Soliel's Mystere at Treasure Island

I will say it was definitely interesting being in vegas 7 months preggo. I got some fun looks.


Gena said...

You're supposed to do the preggo thing AFTER the wedding thing, dearie. Next time....

Dara said...

Yeah those are the same looks I got when the MSB was playing at Bricktown Brewery and I was 7 months pregnant.