Wednesday, April 08, 2009

3 Years Already!?!

First, before you judge me for posting about something other than our new baby, I scheduled this post Friday before he was here so that I wouldn't forget (plus I didn't want Lucas to get the shaft already).

Lucas and I have been married 3 years today! I can't believe it has already been that long! It's been so much fun thus far, and adding another person to the fam makes the perfect anniversary gift!

Lucas and I will have known each other for 10 years this year. We met at Freshman Orientation before we started at OC. My best friend thought she was going to marry him. Haha, I showed her! However, it took until our senior year for us to start dating.
Now, for the flashback:

Murder Mystery birthday party - Freshman year

Summer before our senior year sometime.

Starting the summer after our Sophmore year we started traveling together with Lighten Up - a musical/comedy recruiting group for OC.

Vegas - Summer '02

D.C. - Summer '02

Spring Sing 2003

Some banquet sometime
My 24th birthday - 2005

The night of our engagement (my friends made us shirts) - Oct. 8, 2005

Wedding Day - April 8, 2006

Happy Anniversary, L! I love you!


OK Chick said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the new kiddo. He is so cute, I saw facebook pictures.

Amy {Mom Spark/Mom Made That!} said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I had no idea it was coming up. Loved seeing all the old photos.

babyblueeyed girl said...

happy annniversary
i love you and congrats