Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ummm, Excuse Me...Back That Mobile Train Up!

So, Henson rolled over yesterday. ROLLED OVER! I put him on his stomach to play, he did, then he started getting frustrated and just flipped himself over! Honestly, I wasn't too shocked. He has been rolling to his side from his back since he was a week old. Lately he has been getting his leg all the way over and really trying to get from his back to his tummy and getting mad when he can't get it.
So the past week he has not been sleeping as well during the day. He has been stopped up some, but he would cry out with his eyes closed and would be real fidgety. I have also found him in some weird positions when I go to get him up.
Well, this morning he woke up crying (when I usually have to wake him to eat) and I found him on his stomach! WHAT IN THE WORLD! I did not think we would be having to go through this for another several weeks. I realized that this past week he had probably been trying to roll himself over in his sleep then waking himself up do it. Good grief. we go....

Side note - I found him like this the other day:


Jacob and Amy Hall said...

Oh My!! He is getting started early.

kj said...

Now I'm no doctor, BUT....this is the point when i started have my babies sleep on their stomachs. I know, I know...BUT my girls both slept so much better. You don't wake in the night with your arms swinging around in the air grabbing for something and feeling nothing...that would freak me out too! I don't know, you might talk to your doctor...just my non-requested advice! ; )