Tuesday, June 09, 2009


We survived the first semi-road trip with Henson this weekend. We drove to Ardmore for my cousin Daniel's wedding. We left the city at 2pm so that we would have time to stop so I could feed Henson. We stopped, we ate, he ate...then he exploded. Well, the diaper did. He had the worst blow-out ever! He was already in his cute little GAP outfit and totally ruined the pants. It took me 15 minutes to clean him up in the Braum's bathroom. Oh, and they didn't have a changing table, so he was on the sink. Where everyone was washing their hands. Fun. Fun for everyone.

So, we were running behind by this time, but I couldn't bring him to the wedding pantless. So we ran to the Wal-Mart of this dinky town and I'm pretty sure I bought girls jean shorts. They had NO baby boys clothes except rompers! Seriously people.

We pulled in to the wedding right at 5pm. It was such a gorgeous wedding and reception. Henson made it almost all the way through the reception before he hit bottom. We got home at midnight with only 5 minutes of crying in the car. Success!
Now for some pics:


Elizabeth Mullins said...

I love days like that...not really, but I feel your pain. Sounds like you handled it all like a pro- smooth operator!

babyblueeyed girl said...

well im glad it was success for the most part
sorry about the pants
yall looked ardorable
miss you

aunt mary said...

Oh, Aubrie---I have just read this and your other posts, and I've laughed until I've cried---literally. You are a great blogger---the cat story is too much!

Amy {Mom Spark/Mom Made That!} said...

Welcome to the life of a mom! It sounds like it went pretty well, minus the blow-out!

I love your dress!