Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Adopted Ahmo

Henson has officially been adopted by Ahmo. Yippee! The week he was born she was holding him and I mentioned that she was almost like his third great-grandma. Which she replied, "I AM his third great-grandma! And you better expect him to call me Ahmo!" I did not argue. Who wouldn't want Ahmo!
This weekend Mia delivered this to Henson - made especially for him by Ahmo. He truly LOVES this little "green circle man" (named by Mia).

Hanging out together

Holding Hands

This is not the "Thank you, Ahmo!" picture I was going for.....BUT I guess he was actually joining in on Ahmo's fun. He really does love it, Ahmo. Thanks!!!

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Dara said...

I think everyone wants an Ahmo.