Monday, July 27, 2009

"Just Call Me Jabba."

"Ehhhh, me chunky."

"Gimme my food, woman!"

"What up?
I'm a chunk nut.
I think it's fun
when I eat a ton.

Henson is 16 weeks today. We had his well baby visit today even though it's really about a week early. When he went in at two month the Dr. really wanted to monitor his weight cause he hadn't gained a whole lot. Well...we have definitely solved that problem. The child is in the 71% bracket for weight (15 lb 6oz)! Hello! He is also 86% in length (25.75 in.)!
He can roll over both ways, push up on this hand from his stomach, laugh, loves to suck his thumb (as of last week) and hold and suck on his toys. His favorite place to be is the exersaucer, and he loves to smile and be around people.

We love our not-so-little guy!


babyblueeyed girl said...

aub he is adorable and so cute
he is so big
i cant wait to meet him
love you

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to see that Henson has gained so much weight so quickly! Wow! Good job buddy! Coming from someone who's had the same issues, I know it is a good feeling to see them finally gaining well. Blake has filled out quite a bit since his last visit too. He will go in Thursday for his 9 mth. well baby, and I'm excited to get the official weight and stats!