Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relief Comes in Swively Packages

This is the newest addition to Henson's "toy yard" in the living room. He wants to be standing up 95% of the time and therefore my arms feel like limp noodles 95% of the time. Since he holds his head up so well already I figured an excersaucer would be the perfect answer. Summer's parents had an extra one so here is the outcome. He. loves. it. It has been pretty amusing to see him start to realize that he is standing but I'm not the one holding him up - AND he has things directly at his access to move around (he is still getting the hang of grabbing on to things). Ah, bliss - for both of us.

I think that is the face of pure joy, don't you? Or something like that.


Kayla said...

I wish they made some of these for 3 year olds that they actually liked and were unable to get out of without the help of an adult...only very rare occasions of course ;)

Amy {Mom Spark/Mom Made That!} said...

I love that face on the last photo! He looks so relaxed.

Dara said...

I feel like he's doubled in size since I've been gone.