Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where Was I?

How could I forget to post about Henson's month upgrade to 3 months?? If I was busy I would have a better excuse. Wait. Hmmm...okay, I'm letting myself off the hook.

Anyway...yesterday was Henson's 3 month birthday. He/we celebrated this weekend by letting him stay overnight with his grandparents for the first time. He did awesome (of course). I, on the other hand, had a hard time falling asleep, and not thinking about how he was doing non-stop. Though, once I was asleep I stayed there until 11am! That's right. Niiiiice.
Rockin' the double chin!
He has changed so much just in the past two weeks. He has filled out a lot! He is talking even more, and loves to "sing", especially during church. He laughs a lot. He loves to play with his hands and suck on them. He even refuses a pacifier now because his hands are just too interesting. He wants to be standing up constantly, which definitely helps the toning of my arms. He is still a great sleeper, except the occasional wake-up due to rolling over in his crib. The stinker would rather roll over in bed than during play time, as much as we try! At least that only happens during the day.
He is so much fun and already has such a sweet and entertaining personality. Now that the newborn trial period is over we have decided that we'll keep him.

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