Monday, August 17, 2009


August 14-16 is defined as busy, but fun. The end.

Okay, I do have elaborate, at least for my own benefit.

Well, Friday morning was spent with all my favorite little people (and sis-in-law) - Henson LOVES "playing" with his cousins.That evening I was supposed to meeting with a bride, who is also a good friend, but her flight schedule was messed up and she didn't get in town until really late, so instead I hung out with the hub (he's pretty fun, ya know).Saturday morning I went to a wedding shower for above mentioned bride/friend at Kerry Pope's glorious home. I want to live there. I told her this, too, and that I want to be one of her grandchildren so I can enjoy the awesome play room!

Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for some of our good friends, Cam and Liz, who are due in September:
Saturday late afternoon was my nephew's 2nd birthday party. He's also pretty fun. Here he's yelling "Two!"Saturday evening I went to the same bride/friend's personal shower back at Kerry's house (love that place!). So much fun. Her mom is one of the funniest people I know, and she was a blast at the party.

Sunday my aunt Lesa and two of her daughters were in town.

Sunday evening after church I ate dinner then fell asleep around 8. Liiiiiittle bit tired.

I'm still kinda tired. I'm gonna go lay on the couch.

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Summer said...

is that not the greatest house ever. it is my favorite house in edmond, hands down.