Thursday, September 24, 2009


I turned 28 a week ago today. I woke up to a gorgeous necklace from L sitting next to my makeup. Then the above stinker came in holding the card below.

We got everybody ready then headed up to Channel 4 for my Heartbeat For Hope interview, and H even got his first few minutes of fame.

Then we drove to Yukon.... drop him off with the grandma and great-grandma for 3 days!! That was a long time, but I had a wedding and Heartbeat For Hope to keep me busy enough. They were life savers! (and I know he didn't miss me at ALL with all that attention.)
Then L and I went home to run some errands (seperately, too) then met back up for some Buffalo Wild wings to-go and the premiere of "The Office".

Mia swung by (via Andy) and gave me the birthday wreath that she made me for my door. The card read "To Aubrie, From Mia - It's a wreath!" Love it.
So there you have it. I know you were waiting all week to know exactly how I spent my first day as a 28 year old.
And....I'll be posting soon about what Lucas REALLY got me for my birthday.
(It makes it sound like I'm pregnant. That would not be an acceptable present this year.)


babyblueeyed girl said...

awww yay im glad you had a good birthday and i cant wait to see you on saturday love you

Gena said...

No, that would not be an acceptable present! :) Happy birthday.

Summer said...

actually, i keep waiting for you tomake another announcement. i dont know, i just have a hunch.

OK Chick said...

Happy late birthday. It looks like a great few days.