Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diaper Deal

Anyone out there use diapers? Okay, bad way to phrase that...unless you do, of course.
Do you buy diapers for your child?
Have you ever used

It is a fabulous website where you can get great deal on tons of things with their great coupons and sales!

Right now if you use this code you can get $10 off your first diaper purchase:AUBR4988 .

If you buy Pampers use this code for $10 off :10PAMPERS .

They should work together, too. If you spend $50 or more you also get free shipping.
I ordered a mongo case of Pampers today (170 count) that ended up being only $30 plus free shipping, and it will be here tomorrow!

Woo hoo! So excited. (Is it sad when you get that excited about diapers?)


babyblueeyed girl said...

hahahah thats awesome
i dont use them but still thats an amazing deal

OK Chick said...

HA! Your first sentence made me laugh.

Emily said...

That's 17 cents a diaper! Yes, I do diapers by cents and know a good deal when I see one (for me, anything under 20 cents).

Congrats on learning the diaper game. One day, I paid 12 cents a diaper for a huge box of pampers and I got a little misty eyed.

WJ said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm stocking up on diapers and boy those things are expensive!!