Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Christmas

First Christmas ornament
New high chair

Excited about his present

He likes it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sickly, Stranded, and Snow (almost)

I'm a little excited that it's going to snow tomorrow (read a couple posts down). And since I'm stuck inside all week with a sick little person who refuses to let me out of his sight, I am ready to enjoy some hot chocolate, movies, and pjs all day tomorrow.

But, first, we are making my sister-in-law Jamie come keep the sick kid tonight so that we can go see Mia's final performance as the widow's daughter in A Territorial Christmas Carol. I am so proud of that girl! I know we will be going to many various performances for things in years to come. I can't wait!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and to Henson some RSV

Even though he is only 8 1/2 months I have been so excited to have Henson experience Christmas for the first time. I remember this time last year thinking "this time next year I will have an 8 month old! Crazy!".
Now he's here and to celebrate he has an ear infection and RSV. Needless to say he is not so jolly.
At least he has a few days to feel better before the festivities begin (and possibly the snow! woot!)

Just pray he gets better soon. A hospital visit for Christmas is not exactly what he (or I) is asking for from Santa.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give Me Snow, Or Give Me Death

Hi, my name is Aubrie and I am a "hot" addict. So what if that is not a real thing. It's still true.
I can. not. stand to be cold. I would sit in a 110 degree shower for two hours if I could. I would risk the driest of dry flaky skin for it.
Therefore, this weather we have been having is not okay. The only time I am okay with the cold is if there is an inch of beautiful powdery snow on the ground. That is not looking promising this year.
So, don't expect to be seeing me around town until the weather is 70 degrees again. I'll be at home in my flannel pjs, fleece striped socks and house shoes, shirt with a sweatshirt over it, hot coffee and a heater.

Monday, December 07, 2009

8 months

Henson turned 8 months yesterday. Good grief I wish he would slow down a little. He graduated out of the nursery class, and is now teaching. He's getting so big.

"If everyone could please take their seats. I'm ready to get started."

"Let's begin with a song. 'God made the big round sun...'"

"After a hard, but rewarding, Sunday of learning/teaching I'm treating myself to my first taste of real grapes, oranges and pineapple. The ones that actually made it in my mouth were pretty tasty."

Friday, December 04, 2009

Application for Mother of the Year

Reasons why I should apply for this honor:

#1: I can multi-task: work on my job(s) on the computer while watching
my child in his

#2: I can dig a piece of a Christmas ornament out of my child's mouth just
before he swallows it
(after realizing how eerily quiet it was while child was in loud exersaucer,
peeked in to see that he had walked the saucer under the Christmas tree and
pulled off an ornament and was attempting to eat it! I still have not found the
string the ornament was hanging from...)

#3: I give my child a well balanced diet of puffs (and probably whatever he
finds on the floor that I can't even see). This allows me time to check my email. I
mean work.

#4: In the early morning I bundle up my child to go outside in the 19
degree weather so I
can get a ginormous coffee so that I can survive
the day.

Oh, and we are both still in our PJs (to stay comfy and save the energy of getting
dressed.) Now that is sacrifice, people.

I hope you vote for me! (sense the sarcasm...)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mickey "Santa"ster

We went to the Lighting of the Commons at OC Tuesday night so Henson could meet Santa. I'm glad Dr. B was his first Santa experience.

He loved the concert!

Let the Christmas festivities begin!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oh Yeah, That Post Thanksgiving Post

We did Thanksgiving Day in Edmond...

Playing "Farkle"
(ask Lucas how much fun he had)
Mexican food for Thanksgiving dinner (our tradition)
Mia's "Wicked" show. Oh, does your family not do this??
Then Friday we went to Minco for the Ross Thanksgiving...

Henson in a stare down with the Christmas carol singing dog.
Traditional turkey lunch and Lucas' birthday.
Henson's first encounter with a Christmas tree. He did eventually get one of those ornaments off. (Oh, and Lucas' grandma has the tree tied to the curtains behind it so Henson can't pull it down. ha.)

1st Thanksgiving family photo.