Friday, December 04, 2009

Application for Mother of the Year

Reasons why I should apply for this honor:

#1: I can multi-task: work on my job(s) on the computer while watching
my child in his

#2: I can dig a piece of a Christmas ornament out of my child's mouth just
before he swallows it
(after realizing how eerily quiet it was while child was in loud exersaucer,
peeked in to see that he had walked the saucer under the Christmas tree and
pulled off an ornament and was attempting to eat it! I still have not found the
string the ornament was hanging from...)

#3: I give my child a well balanced diet of puffs (and probably whatever he
finds on the floor that I can't even see). This allows me time to check my email. I
mean work.

#4: In the early morning I bundle up my child to go outside in the 19
degree weather so I
can get a ginormous coffee so that I can survive
the day.

Oh, and we are both still in our PJs (to stay comfy and save the energy of getting
dressed.) Now that is sacrifice, people.

I hope you vote for me! (sense the sarcasm...)


Summer said...

you forgot that you can watch three kids and manage to keep them all alive and happy. You have my vote!

Emily said...

Five dollars says you find the string. In a diaper.