Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oh Yeah, That Post Thanksgiving Post

We did Thanksgiving Day in Edmond...

Playing "Farkle"
(ask Lucas how much fun he had)
Mexican food for Thanksgiving dinner (our tradition)
Mia's "Wicked" show. Oh, does your family not do this??
Then Friday we went to Minco for the Ross Thanksgiving...

Henson in a stare down with the Christmas carol singing dog.
Traditional turkey lunch and Lucas' birthday.
Henson's first encounter with a Christmas tree. He did eventually get one of those ornaments off. (Oh, and Lucas' grandma has the tree tied to the curtains behind it so Henson can't pull it down. ha.)

1st Thanksgiving family photo.

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Elizabeth Mullins said...

WE played Farkle too! Love that game!