Saturday, February 13, 2010

Could You Just Grow Up Already? Sheesh.

I love to torture myself. Love, love, love it. That is why I took Henson in for his first haircut yesterday. At 10 months. By myself. With no kleenex. See? Torture.
Lucas has been bugging me to get it trimmed because "you know the hair over his ears has got to irritate him". I would have rather he (and Henson) just deal with it for the next 10 years. But, it was a little mullet-ish in the back too.
ANY-WAY...I took him in and he LOVED it. He thought (as usual) that he was big time stuff getting to sit in the big chair with all the girls talking to him. Katie did a great job handling me..uh, I mean him.
(I may have taken about two dozen pictures with a tear in my eye the entire time. So what.)



Ok, I have to go clean up the puddle from the keyboard now.


Michelle said...

I'm sure he was a dream compared to Cooper who moved his head around and made this face like he was in the most horrible pain every time she touched his head, and he's almost 2, way to go Henson!

Morgandi said...

I'm putting off cutting the hair as long as possible. I have to wait until the mullet is extreme. I don't think my emotions can handle her looking more grown up than she already does.
Henson looks so precious and handsome!