Friday, February 26, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason

After a tired morning keeping up with a two year old and a 10 month old, a quick cleanup and then a relaxing afternoon with just one child to run around after.

A certain 10 month old made a big mess that required the vacuum.

While cleaning up this mess the vacuum began to smoke, filling the entire house.

The 10 month old was very interested in the smoking vacuum.

The child was removed from the vacuum vacinity so that the vacuum could be inspected by a responsible adult.


10 month old is distracted from vacuum by a Dr. Pepper can left unattended. Score!

Dark syrupy drink all over table, carpet and 10 month old.

10 month old gets first taste of caffinated, sugar liquid while vigorously licking fingers.

Vacuum inspection halts to grab child and hose down. Then ShamWow! the carpet. (Love that thing, BTW).

Give up on the vacuum and concentrate on getting the hideous smell and smoke cloud out of my house by opening all windows and turning on fans in 30 degree weather.

After no calls all day, three in the 20 minutes of this chaos. I think I was justified in ignoring those calls.

I think it seemed worse at the time when you add really, really, ridiculously tired to the list.

Anyway...I digress.

All of that was forgotten at about 2:30 when I received the call that we got free tickets to this concert with awesome seats. I love my husbands job.
Billy and Elton were amazing, of course.

I guess a brief insanity happened so that I could go to an incredible 4 hour concert. I can deal.


Alissa said...

wow! how fun...not the whole vacuum thing, the concert:)

Jamie said...

And here I thought that shot of espresso I gave him last night was his first taste of caffeine! But really that sounds like a crazy day!