Monday, March 01, 2010

He Missed Me

I had a girls' weekend in Abilene with some of my best girl friends. Abilene may not seem like the luxurious vacation local, but it's great when your best friend lives there.

While we were there we painted all the baseboards and trim white to brighten things up.

I don't have an after. Totally forgot. But it looks great. Just imagine it.

Meanwhile....this person spent Friday-Sunday in Minco with Papa, Gigi, and Meema. He was very disappointed to wake up to me this morning.
Who can blame him with this ride?


Gena said...

That picture says it all. So funny.

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

hahahahha....that picture is priceless! That is tooo cute and fun I must say! Also, what good friends are ya'll to help paint your friends baseboards, not many friends do that!