Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Party

The Invite:

This was Henson's entrance into the party. Everyone was already there and he stood there staring at them like this for a solid 5 minutes.

The Decor:

The Cake:

No, seriously, the cake:
Katie Rowten made the cake based on one of the robots from the party cups. It is identical!

First tasting of cake:

...and it was good.



Henson loved every minute of his birthday.
Maybe even as much as I loved planning it.

Maybe not.

Happy 1st birthday, H!!


Jacob and Amy Hall said...

soooooo cute! You did a wonderful job! The cake is awesome. Glad that he had a great day!

OK Chick said...

Hands down the coolest cake!

Tara said...

You did a wonderful job decorating for his party. It looks like y'all had so much fun!! Such a cutie pie little boy:)