Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Need To Work On That Thing Called "Reality"

So, yeah, he can walk, he can say some comprehensable words, use a spoon alright, but we need to work on some basic reality - what IS real, and what IS NOT Real. We went to the zoo yesterday and Henson spent most of his time in the water yard trying to "catch" the fake animals that surrounded it. I guess he is just embracing all kinds.

He did love the water, too, though.

Viv and H

Trying to touch the birds.

Henson really likes the monkeys and makes a pretty convincing monkey sound. He was so excited that this one was so close. I wish you could see his full stance in the pick. He was up on his toes, pushing his belly against the glass squealing. Then he would run circles around the viewing room screaming. He fit right in.

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