Saturday, May 08, 2010

He's my kid and I can say what I want to say about him.

He's cute. I mean, I just think that he just gets cuter, and cuter by the day. Then I tell myself, "Don't be 'that' mom that tells anyone who will listen just how cute their kid is." But, it's my blog and I don't feel that I'm forcing anyone to read, so.....there.

My bubs turned 13 months on Thursday, though up until today I thought he turned 13 months today. I'm so messed up this week. Anyways.....

Current obsession: Cars.

"Ca" = "car" and he says it about 487 times a day. He picks out all the cars from the plethora of toys among him every single day. If I can't find him I just listen for the "vroom" noise.

He also loves animals. Real animals, stuffed animals, animals in pictures. We started noticing his preference for his animal books around 7 months old. Now he has about 8 evident animal sounds in his repertoire. He's relatively good about performing on command for his annoying parents.

A small sampling for the grandparents, or if you are just bored:

(For some reason he refused to locate and imitate his favorite animal, the monkey. Oh well, I still think he's cute.)

Love this guy.

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Jamie said...

Cutest kid ever!