Friday, May 07, 2010

It May Not Seem Like It....

...but I am alive. I have been a little busy lately. But the reason I AM alive is because of these two things:
1. A husband who will dress up and do ridiculous things to make an event that you are putting together, not him, a little more fun. He may not have been reluctant to do it, but his response was still "Anything for you." I'll take it.

2. This literal life saver. I would not be breathing at all right now if it weren't for this pack of resuscitation.

Now, put the two together, and you have:
3. A husband who leaves work, goes to Walmart to get you #2 because you are barely functional for yourself much less a 13 month old who somewhat depends on you too, bring it home to you, pours a glass of orange juice to go with it, and changes the 13 month old's diaper because you couldn't smell how rank it was, then heads back to work to earn some more big bucks for you to survive on.
That is why I am alive.

1 comment :

babyblueeyed girl said...

i think you have a pretty amazing hubby for sure