Monday, May 10, 2010

What is it about a little boy and a dog that is so cute?? I adore this photo. It was taken on Saturday at my cousin's little girl's 4th birthday party. Henson LOVED my cousin Angel's dog, Ruby.

I love this pic because Henson is getting pounced on by Ruby in the background. Anytime H was sitting down Ruby would come jump on his back and H thought it was hilarious.

My cousins, Sarah and Angel.

With Kelsy, the birthday girl!


Kayla said...

I got our dog when Zane was about H's age and I almost got rid of don't be tempted! haha. I should have waited until Zane was 3!! That way if I had to clean up dog pee, I could do so without the bathroom being destroyed with toilet paper and toothpaste EVERYWHERE!

Brook said...

You were right on the guess!!! Just typing it I could hear my Dad saying it...ha!
Adlee loves dogs too, I am afraid if a dog was attacking her she would just coo and kiss it.