Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Forgot To Mention...

...that back at the end of April we celebrated Lucas' 30th birthday...about 6 months early.

Now, I realize this seems a little like I was overplanning...again. But, it had to be at that time because I surprised him by getting front row seats to see his all-time favorite performer, Steve Martin, in concert.

Well, actually the "surprise" did not go as originally planned because Lucas decided to do his own research on concert tickets and actually purchased them himself before I could (This caused some frustration on my part, but the end result was the same, and it was kind of fun to see him tortured by knowing he was going, but having to wait almost two months. I'm a great wife.). But the fact that I was going to do it was a surprise.

We took a weekend trip to Austin with two stops at IKEA, a stay at this fabulous hotel, yummy food, and a great concert.

Me being ultra hip and cool at the Aloft hotel.

Iron Cactus in Austin...want. to. go. baaaaaack.
View from our table at the restaurant before the show.
The amazing dessert!
Outside the theatre before the show.
Front row, center, baby!
Steve and his band.
(Taken from my seat, via iPhone, illegally. I get bold on vacation.)

It was a fantastic trip...two months ago.

Happy 30th birthday, Hon!

Don't forget to not expect anything on November 25th...!
(again, such a good wife.)


babyblueeyed girl said...

not only a great wife but you were like an hour from my home town crazy
love you

Gena said...

I want every part of that trip to myself. That sounds like so much fun!

OK Chick said...

WOW what a great present and weekend. You guys sure know how to celebrate bdays!

PS- Last night I saw your husband at the deadCENTER party.