Monday, June 14, 2010

I suppose I should get this over with

Well, you might have seen my somewhat dramatic post on Facebook Saturday. If you did not I declared my devestation over my wedding ring being stolen.
Now, I figured I should share the entire story since I DID tell the world then left 'em hangin' on the deets (details, you know).
So Saturday morning I was uber excited that a certain, "shall remain nameless", company was coming to our house to clean out our air ducts. I have been wanting to have this done for a year and a half. Yes, I realize excitement over this is lame enough not to continue reading. That's your choice. Anyway, I had been planning to stay home while L took H somewhere other than home. Two guys, one in company uniform, the other in street clothes, show up in the early AM and said it would be better if we all left because of the debris. Nothing seemed odd about that, so we immediately packed up and headed out...for FOUR HOURS! They said it would take two. Anyways....
When we get back they are debriefing us on what all they did, and explained that it took so long because the one in uniform had to reattach one of the vent/tube connections from inside the attic. We pay them. They leave.
I have to go get ready for a wedding that I need to leave for in a little over an hour. I get ready, then realize I had not had my ring on all day. This is odd, but remember I had taken it off the night before to take a shower (I always take of my ring to shower and put it in the exact same place next to my makeup. I don't usually shower in the PM, but was pretty gross.) It is not there. I start digging through the makeup, in the medicine cabinet, under the sink, in the bedroom, etc., knowing I did not put it anywhere else than next to my makeup.
Now, I will pause for a moment to say, "Yes, I know." Why didn't I take my ring with me when I left? Why did I leave it somewhere where two random service people who will be in your home alone for half the day could easily see it? Why do you ever even take your ring, which is a symbol of everlasting devotion and love to your spouse, off?
Answers: I totally forgot I didn't have it on. I always leave it in that spot when I don't have it on. I take it off. There. I admit it. Sometimes the time arises where I would rather protect the ring from cleaning supplies or soap scum and I take it off. Then I forgot that I took it off.
Moving on......
I wake up Lucas from the couch. We both start scouring the house. It's nowhere where I thought it could be. We call the company and they said they would take care of it. L calls one of the actual service men to tell them what was going on, and that we didn't want to accuse anyone, but if they 'moved' it to just let us know. After several more calls L decides to call the police. An officer comes to the house and gets the info. I have to leave for the wedding. They send another officer to the place where the service men were cleaning some other people's air ducts across the city and searches them and their van.
No ring. I am in route to the wedding and this is where I post a very public post on Facebook because I could not cry and I had to get some kind of release somehow. Facebook was the obvious answer.
I was crushed. I just knew one of them took it and threw it in some field when we called them about it, and that it was gone forever. And I was feeling like an idiot for leaving it there.
I get home about 10:30pm. L and I get in bed, then I decide I'm going to look for it some more just in case. I go to my dresser and start digging around in a jewelry container with some costume jewelry. It was at the bottom of one of the drawers!!!!!!!!!! What in the world!?!
I didn't care how it had gotten there because I had it back. But then I did feel terrible because those poor men had been searched by the cops! But then I realized that I DID NOT put it there. There's no way I would have ever put it in there. My child is neither tall enough or smart enough to put it in there.
Something is weird about it. But it is on my finger. The company and the cops were called the next day to clear everything up, and all is well.
Drama much?


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Wow! What a day! Glad you found it in the end!

rebeckaoneal said...

so glad you found it I know how upsetting that can be my husband lost his for over a year(and it belonged to my father who is dead) but we found it a year later in the cockpot!!!

Kayla said...

That is crazy! Glad you found it!!