Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Survived

I traumatized son survived. Yes....that is what I meant... I admit, I have just now stopped shaking. Thursday was definitely my most challenging day as a mother so far. I have survived my first traumatic accident with my child.
I would much rather share this in writing than having to talk about again because I tear up every time...her ya go:
I was babysitting my little cousin, Joshua who's 2, and both the boys were playing outside in the back yard. I had forgotten about our bike being parked around the corner from when we had our garage sale. I had my back to Henson because Josh was talking to me. I heard a scream and the bike had fallen on top of H.
I was calm at first as I was looking him over. I couldn't see any harm, but he was still screaming. Then the blood started from his mouth. I was still calm I was cleaning him off I was looking for where it was coming from thinking it was a busted lip because we had already gone through that once. But, then I saw that he had no upper front teeth anymore!! I started freaking. I called my mom since she was with my aunt because I knew I couldn't keep Josh anymore since I would probably have to take him in. Plus, I wanted my mom. She came straight over, and I finally got a hold of Lucas and he came home.
We got a recommendation from H's pediatrician on where to take him, and the dentist was amazing!! They were all booked up, and leaving for vacation for two weeks starting Friday, but she squeezed him in right away. The office manager (and their head PA) took care of us until the dentist came. When she looked him over she thought the same thing that we did - his teeth had a clean break all the way across, knocking out all 4 of those hard earned teeth.
Turns out, after having X-rays, that he hit his teeth at just the right angle, because they just got knocked back up into his gums. The best situation for what happened. So, now we just wait for them to come back down. But, thankfully, no fractures or breaks. He will just be sore and swollen for a few days.I was a wreck all morning, though. Thankfully my mom and Lucas came to the Dr. with me. I don't know if I could have made it by myself.
Best shot we could get. Considering what happened he is handling it very well.
This was taken Friday evening. He is pretty swollen. My brother sympathetically compared him to a Simpsons character.

Thankfully, the doctor said they will just come back down as they did when he first cut the teeth. We don't know how long that will take, but I don't care. No surgery. I'm just thankful my child won't be toothless for the next 5 years.

I would also like to think that - knowing this is the first of many accidents in his lifetime - I will handle the scare a little more calmly for my child's sake.


Summer said...

I still really can't believe this happened.

laura jo said...

Oh my goodness, Aubrie. That is one of the craziest stories I've heard. Wow. I'm so glad he'll be fine. How scary!

Dara said...

I actually got sick to my stomach for you when you called. I am so sorry it happened but I'm glad he's getting better.

kj said...

Wow!! That is crazy....but sounds like a good outcome in that situation!

I do not handle situations like that well! I call 911 and scream. It's not pretty. You did good kid. ; )