Sunday, July 04, 2010

What we lack in parenting, we make up for in patriotism.

The day started off fairly happy. We headed to the Liberty Fest parade. I knew Henson would love all the things with wheels. I was right.
There was plenty of:


Then the mood winds quickly began to change....

"Mom, can you seriously quit looking at the clowns in tiny cars, Star Wars characters in American flag boxers, 20 teeny bopper cheer club teams that don't cheer, flip or yell, and hundreds of vehicles with flashing lights that would normally be making me flip out with glee to notice that I am feeling warm, uncharacteristically whimpery, and just want to be held????"

But don't we look cute? Blue. Red. White. At the Liberty Fest parade even in the mist.

Fine, son. We will finally take you to the after hours clinic. But only after we left early from the parade to get you home for an early lunch and nap since you woke up at 6am. Except you wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep. So we finally got the hint 3 hours later around 2:30pm.
I am genuinely sorry about that. But, I think you will agree that antibiotics are a God-send. And, that you looked super cute in your blue cabana shirt.

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