Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inaugural Trick-or-Treating Verdict


First hit


shrieking with excitement
(mostly because he saw Boppy, but still)

The costume
(Steve Martin - 1978)

Next stop - Kevin Ogle's house, of course
(also, a Steve Martin fan)

Busting open some chocolate on the way to the next party.

Our adult theme for the annual Stansberry Halloween Party was 'Something You are Scared Of: Nothing Stupid or Cliche'
(I may have added the tag)

Lucas went as a one-day expired product, and I went as someone having multiples. (No offense to anyone, but that terrifies me.)

Happy Halloween!

1 comment :

Summer said...

The only thing I am scared of in that picture is that one-eyed big baby. YIKES!!!