Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I am sure every mother has felt the guilt. The pressure. The embarrassment. You know what I'm talking about. The "I'm not as good of a mom because I don't _________.", or "So and so says I should or shouldn't do it this way, and that's the only way because their grandmother's grandmother said so." Blah, blah.

I have read a few blogs lately that have talked about some of this in one form or another. There is always something we can be doing better. Or something that we should be doing for our child that we are not, therefore they will turn out as heathens.

Especially as a first time mother (who only has 18 months of experience), I think you feel more pressure because you want to do everything 'just right'. But, now that I've had a teeny bit of parenting under my belt, and getting ready for the second go round, I have found that keeping the important things FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY in perspective goes a long way.

ANYWAY...... I had one of those days yesterday that I was feeling pretty down about my mothering. Mostly because I was not on my 'A' game - instead plopped on the couch feeling physically horrible with a bad cold while my poor toddler was trying to entertain me enough to come play with him.
Just when I thought I was doing a terrible job, was never going to get this time back so I better teach him his alphabet, numbers, and some Greek before his life went to the gutter... he saw a bag of MY trash sitting on the end table, picked it up and took it to the trash.
It was something that small that seemed so big to me at the moment thinking "I am teaching him to be thoughtful and responsible after all!" Yay me! I'm going to go nap now! (ok, not really that last part).

Or a very humbling time at the dinner table when your 17 month old is the one who reminds you and your husband that it's time to pray by taking your hands and bowing his head.

Redemption that keeps the important things in perspective.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

You are so right! The smallest thing that my kid's pick up on are the ones that makes it so worth the hard work! Keep up the good work and hang in there!

Jamie said...

Brent and I have talked about just letting you raise our kids for us one day! We think you're an awesome mom! Keep up the good work because I'm totally going to copy your skills one day! Plus, Meema always says you're a great mom...and you know she'd tell us if she thought otherwise . :)

babyblueeyed girl said...

Aubrie your doing a great job and yes it is the little things like picking up for you and praying before eat are very imporant the alphabet and numbers will come time Aub your an amazing mom i love seeing you with him and rasing him you give him something no one else can the love of a mother :) he very lucky to have you as his mommy
love you friend