Saturday, December 25, 2010

My how Christmas has changed

I assume like most people, when I was as kid I counted the days until Christmas with much anticipation of all the awesome presents. Now, that I am kind of an adult with my own kid who can actively participate in opening presents with great exclamation, too, my perspective on Christmas excitement is different, but even better. I barely even know what I got for my own presents because Henson was having so much fun opening his. (I do love the presents I got - thank you family! I promptly dug back through all of mine once I got home just LIKE a kid.)
Ross Family Christmas first half of the day...

Lightning McQueen house slippers

Uncle Marcus scored getting Henson a Power Wheels Lightning McQueen car. H loved it so much he hugged it before it was even out of the box.

Lucas's grandma supporting the 2 Movie Guys

Lashley Family Christmas second half of the day...

Grammie & Boppy scored getting Henson a train set. He insisted on opening it immediately, of course.

Ended the day watching the 2Movie Guys Christmas Special:
Papaw and Henson taking in all the hilarity.

We had a great holiday! My favorite gift was from my wonderful, and sneaky, husband who wrote and recorded a song for new baby, Simon. Love it so, so much.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I still love you, Bryan!

Hours watching CMT waiting for his videos, and hours & hours of belting out his songs my room, shower, car, anywhere, my dream came true for the first time in 1996 when I got to see Bryan White in concert AND meet him. I seriously almost died.
Meeting Bryan White in 1996.
Then, last night, my I got to die all over again when I met him again with my cousin, Sarah. I felt 15 all over again (and we maaaay have been acting a little like 15 year olds too...).
Now, Angel was supposed to come with us, but had a sick kid at the last minute, so we decided we had to take her anyway.

She also got to meet Bryan!
Angel couldn't contain herself and rushed the stage.
We had a blast swooning over Bryan! As we left we MAY have passed him on the sidewalk. And I MAY have said "well done" to a grammy award-winning artist. And then I MAY have had a beet red face and uncontrollable laughter afterwards.
We love you, Bryan!

Monday, December 06, 2010

The 20's

I am now 20 weeks and Henson is 20 months today. This means only 4 MORE MONTHS until he is 2 and my child count becomes 2. I'm not going to think about either right now. Procrastination is key.

Happy 20 months to my car organizing little toot.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Every kid has to go through this, right?

Last year he wasn't aware enough to be terrified. But this year....he made a mental check on his new, but will ever be expanding, "things my parents forced me to do just to log on a computer somewhere, and have no seeming concern for my feelings and I will make it come back to haunt them later" list.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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