Friday, December 10, 2010

I still love you, Bryan!

Hours watching CMT waiting for his videos, and hours & hours of belting out his songs my room, shower, car, anywhere, my dream came true for the first time in 1996 when I got to see Bryan White in concert AND meet him. I seriously almost died.
Meeting Bryan White in 1996.
Then, last night, my I got to die all over again when I met him again with my cousin, Sarah. I felt 15 all over again (and we maaaay have been acting a little like 15 year olds too...).
Now, Angel was supposed to come with us, but had a sick kid at the last minute, so we decided we had to take her anyway.

She also got to meet Bryan!
Angel couldn't contain herself and rushed the stage.
We had a blast swooning over Bryan! As we left we MAY have passed him on the sidewalk. And I MAY have said "well done" to a grammy award-winning artist. And then I MAY have had a beet red face and uncontrollable laughter afterwards.
We love you, Bryan!

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Amanda said...

I still love him too!! I have the exact same story...hah. Loved and met him when i was young and saw and met his about a year ago at the rodeo opry. Where did you see him at?