Saturday, December 25, 2010

My how Christmas has changed

I assume like most people, when I was as kid I counted the days until Christmas with much anticipation of all the awesome presents. Now, that I am kind of an adult with my own kid who can actively participate in opening presents with great exclamation, too, my perspective on Christmas excitement is different, but even better. I barely even know what I got for my own presents because Henson was having so much fun opening his. (I do love the presents I got - thank you family! I promptly dug back through all of mine once I got home just LIKE a kid.)
Ross Family Christmas first half of the day...

Lightning McQueen house slippers

Uncle Marcus scored getting Henson a Power Wheels Lightning McQueen car. H loved it so much he hugged it before it was even out of the box.

Lucas's grandma supporting the 2 Movie Guys

Lashley Family Christmas second half of the day...

Grammie & Boppy scored getting Henson a train set. He insisted on opening it immediately, of course.

Ended the day watching the 2Movie Guys Christmas Special:
Papaw and Henson taking in all the hilarity.

We had a great holiday! My favorite gift was from my wonderful, and sneaky, husband who wrote and recorded a song for new baby, Simon. Love it so, so much.

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