Thursday, January 06, 2011

21 months

"Aw, mom! Please tell me you're not going to post me on your blog in just my undies and awesome Spiderman house shoes! Can't be naked in peace anymore."

DISCLAIMER: This next section is primarily for my "baby book" purposes.

At 21 months Henson has decided a highchair is so uncool. I still try to get away with it most of the time, but a kid table is in his very near future.

He is also getting better at his sentences: "That's a ____." There is a _________". "Where did it go?", "Ummmm, let's see.", etc. "What's that?" is definitely the favorite, going on about three months now. A foreshadowing of the "Why?" phase. Can't wait.

As much as I try to get him to color, he would still much rather just organize the crayons, or bit off the tips. Lucas might continue to be the only artist in this house.

Pizza is by far the favorite meal. He usually talks about it when he wakes up until bedtime when it is inevitably mentioned in his prayers before bed.
He is also getting much better at using his utensils, and insists on eating everything in a bowl.

He is still obsessed with cars, trains, trucks, planes...anything that includes transport, really. I never thought I would know the names of so many different kinds of trucks, cars, and parts to all of the above mentioned vehicles.

Alright, that should do enough for my memory, I hope. Love you, little man!

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