Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't judge me quite yet. I hope I'm on to something.

So, apparantly 22 months is some kind of super boost month for every kind of child development. Trying every single word possible, thinking you are too big for the high chair, learning some of those important educational things at double the speed, among other things. Those "other" things being testing the limits of ev-er-y-thing. Primarily the limits of my patience.
Thursday my cute little son presented me with the parenting challenge of how to handle a "flop on the ground, screaming tantrum because they don't want to leave or do what you ask" fit in the middle of the mall, followed up by a nice, hard slap across my face. And, as you can imagine, the hotness that overcame my face was not because of the sting of the slap.
And though I don't regret at all how I handled that situation, I can tell you that I was elated when an angel in uniform rang my doorbell a couple of hours later. That angel delivered this directly to my door.
It was a sign. Maybe a sign that I ordered this book a few days before and the FedEx guy was on time, but a sign that I took as a good one anyway.
Now, I was partially hesitant to tell you the book because that means the product should show up in my child. That's the idea, anyway, right? Well, just don'e judge me quite too soon...
I'm off to go give my child some choices and be empathetic to those wrong ones.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sadly, it needed to happen.

My child's hair was looking more like an adult wig than a 22 month old's hair.
I really loved it, actually. But when he is having trouble blinking because his hair is getting caught in this eyelashes, it's time for a haircut.

Fresh home from the salon - almost naked, sportin' the converse, a hair-covered sucker, a nice gut, and a new 'do'.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love today!

Lucas and I spent the weekend in Dallas where I spent the majority of the time doing nothing but laying in a hotel room watching movies and pigging out. It was fabulous. We also had to visit IKEA, of course. This was to be our Valentine's, which is just how I wanted it.

But, since Lucas had a show tonight he came home early from work to see us and also brought me a fun necklace and this letter:

I love him!

And I love today! For Valentine's dinner my other main man and I went through the McD's drive thru and had a picnic while watching Cars. Perfect.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I wish that it didn't take struggles or hard times to remind me of all the things I am grateful for. But it usually is the times when life slaps you across the face to wake you up to reality.
I had a little scare on Tuesday and ended up in the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart. After almost 7 hours later I went home with good test results and a list of regulations for me from here on out.
Baby Simon is just fine, and I'm perfectly fine now - just needed some rest and de-stress time. I realize now that I actually am almost 31 weeks pregnant and I can't go full force at 90 miles an hour right now. Not that I would have ever chosen to have to be reminded in that way.
I am grateful for my health, my husband, my 22 month old precious boy that is already here, and the little brother on the way. I am grateful for family who is always there to help, and good friends who are willing to drop everything to be there. I am grateful for the house we live in, the safety in knowing we are taken care of in everything by HIM.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Last night I gave Henson a "big boy" pillow to put in his bed with his new "big boy" pillowcase - cars, trucks, motorcycles = giddy.
I wasn't sure if it would stay in his bed or not, but when I went in to check on him he was sleeping on top of it.
This morning I went in to get him up after already hearing him talk for awhile. He immediately began talking to me about his pillow, but then I was kicked out of the room! He frantically started jabbering and pointing out the door saying "there, mama! bye, bye, mama!" until I left him alone in his bed with his beloved pillow.
He stayed in his bed, with the lights on, by himself, no other toys, just his blanket and pillow, for another 15 minutes. I got to make my coffee and check my email. It was great!
This afternoon he saw the pillow in his crib and was crying to go "night,night" an hour before nap time.
I was actually really surprised at this strong reaction TO A PIL-LOW. But I'll take it!

This is the pic I tried to sneak back this morning to get and was promptly lectured again to leave him alone.

(Notice the finger pointing me out the door.)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Desperate times... for whatever it takes when your Weatherbug reads 0 degrees outside. Even if it is "Buzz" when it isn't even 9am yet...for the 4th time in 3 days - per Henson's request.

I don't handle being secluded inside, involuntarily for more than a day, very well.
Although, this morning I had very good intentions of being an engaging, creative mom. I got up before Henson woke up and took a shower for the 1st time in...well, let's just say what was the point the past couple days, and changed the sheets on my bed. Got H up, made breakfast, played some games...and then you already read where we are in our day right now.

Oh well, I'll have some decaf coffee and be ready for a more productive round two after Buzz and Woody make up and return to Andy.
Have another great snow day!