Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't judge me quite yet. I hope I'm on to something.

So, apparantly 22 months is some kind of super boost month for every kind of child development. Trying every single word possible, thinking you are too big for the high chair, learning some of those important educational things at double the speed, among other things. Those "other" things being testing the limits of ev-er-y-thing. Primarily the limits of my patience.
Thursday my cute little son presented me with the parenting challenge of how to handle a "flop on the ground, screaming tantrum because they don't want to leave or do what you ask" fit in the middle of the mall, followed up by a nice, hard slap across my face. And, as you can imagine, the hotness that overcame my face was not because of the sting of the slap.
And though I don't regret at all how I handled that situation, I can tell you that I was elated when an angel in uniform rang my doorbell a couple of hours later. That angel delivered this directly to my door.
It was a sign. Maybe a sign that I ordered this book a few days before and the FedEx guy was on time, but a sign that I took as a good one anyway.
Now, I was partially hesitant to tell you the book because that means the product should show up in my child. That's the idea, anyway, right? Well, just don'e judge me quite too soon...
I'm off to go give my child some choices and be empathetic to those wrong ones.

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