Friday, February 04, 2011

Last night I gave Henson a "big boy" pillow to put in his bed with his new "big boy" pillowcase - cars, trucks, motorcycles = giddy.
I wasn't sure if it would stay in his bed or not, but when I went in to check on him he was sleeping on top of it.
This morning I went in to get him up after already hearing him talk for awhile. He immediately began talking to me about his pillow, but then I was kicked out of the room! He frantically started jabbering and pointing out the door saying "there, mama! bye, bye, mama!" until I left him alone in his bed with his beloved pillow.
He stayed in his bed, with the lights on, by himself, no other toys, just his blanket and pillow, for another 15 minutes. I got to make my coffee and check my email. It was great!
This afternoon he saw the pillow in his crib and was crying to go "night,night" an hour before nap time.
I was actually really surprised at this strong reaction TO A PIL-LOW. But I'll take it!

This is the pic I tried to sneak back this morning to get and was promptly lectured again to leave him alone.

(Notice the finger pointing me out the door.)


Jamie said...

I love it! He's too cute!

Brook said...

Okay, Adlee is in love with her big girl pillow too! She has 2 pillowcases, and if heaven forbid those are both dirty she throws a FIT!! This week we have had to get it out of the bed to watch tv with! Weird kids :)

babyblueeyed girl said...

lol cute thats awesome

Kayla said...

That is hilarious!! When it's time for a big boy bed, you are going to have to get even a cooler pillow!!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

He is so big! I wish mine begged for their naps!